Hey everyone, my name is Anne Hollabaugh. WobiSobi was created, December 1, 2010, and almost seemed to create itself. I know the first question you might ask is, what does Wobisobi mean? Well, I looked it up and as far as I can see it means absolutely nothing, thank goodness, because I want to give it a meaning. To me this word means, Style and Class with a touch of CRAZY. If Wabisabi can mean loving the slight imperfection in things, then Wobisobi is loving really big imperfections in things and relishing in the fact that being completely off kilter is OK. I am a Mother of 2, and a wife of 23 years. I have 2 cats and a chocolate lab . I am part of a crazy big family that supports me no matter what. I love any and every kind of art,especially fashion and drawing. I also love creating things, my head is always spinning with new ideas. I also write for the Blog "", I love people and every different thing about them, they fascinate me. So here is my blog that my daughter told me I needed to set up. Now you still don't know what WobiSobi means? Well, Follow me and find out. I hope you like it.