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Here at Tulip, we decided to kick off the year focused on health & wellbeing since it's such an integral part of all of our lives, no matter our age, profession or gender. And whether some of us are focused on major lifestyle changes or a simpler goal of drinking more water or taking more walks, we truly believe that a healthier life - whatever that means to each of us - leads to a happier life! So we came up with easy, affordable DIYs using Tulip color products that are focused on upping our health game (with the added bonus of exercising our creative muscles) and making something personal that hopefully motivates us on our individual health & wellbeing journeys. Check out our roundup and get inspired!

A sense of humor goes a long way, and a gym bag is no exception! Besides, some of us around here work out just so we can eat more pizza. (Don't judge us.) Add your own flavor (see what we did there) with Tulip Graffiti Fabric Markers and fun quote art. PS. It's totally acceptable to order a pizza to help get you inspired for this project - just sayin.

Here's another project you can get pumped about - literally! Splatter paint a set of neoprene weights with Tulip Soft Paint for workout equipment that's as artistic as it is functional.

Go for a run in style with a set of custom kicks all of your workout buddies will be super jelly over. Think they're hard to paint? Think again! Get the ombre look in minutes with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color.

Nama-slay your yoga practice with a custom painted mat that can keep up with your creative flow. And to answer your next question - Tulip Soft Paints do in fact dry flexible enough to move with you, whether you're in downward facing dog or rolling up your mat after practice to head out for a slice of pizza (see above about our pizza obsession).

Do you ever stress about what you're going to wear to the gym? We do. (Again, please no judgment.) If you're like us, it's time to take the guess work out of dress work and hit the gym in style and with a sense of humor! It's super easy to DIY your own quote art workout tank with Tulip ColorShot Instant Fabric Color.

Sometimes we have to put our extra cup of coffee down and pick up a water bottle. Or at least have coffee in one hand and water in the other (some of us are fond of this hydration technique in the Tulip office). Having a water tracker bottle you can cart around all day is a fantastic way to help remind you to stay hydrated with your daily water intake needs. Turn a basic one into your new BFF with Tulip Dimensional Paints.

Lastly, let's talk about food. Don't say UGGGHHH. It's actually important and this time we aren't talking about pizza. (But we want to if we're being honest.) It can actually be pretty tough to track your balance of carbs, proteins, veggies and fruits when you're on a strict diet, so portion control containers come in really handy. See how easy it is to make your own with Scribbles 3D Paints

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