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Well, we've finally done it ... our craft room makeover is complete and we couldn't be happier (because that also means we're done organizing)! Woo hoo! Not only do we have a beautifully revamped space, it's also much more organized and functional. It's a place we actually want to spend time in and be creative! If you're looking for ideas to give your own craft room a face lift/organizational overhaul, here's a roundup of easy, affordable DIYs using Tulip color products that we did for our space to help get you inspired.

Part of organizing our craft room meant getting our craft supplies in order! Color coding was the best option for us considering we have a lot of Tulip color products we work with on a day-to-day basis. These canisters labeled with Puffy Paint were super easy to make and don't block the contents of the jar so they're easy to see and access when needed.

Speaking of color coding, since we have lots of products to keep track of, we decided to color code our shelves that hold all of our craft products for one cohesive look. And it's really pretty too! See how to transform your shelves with COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint.

Since we were on a spray paint kick with our shelves and had some left over, we decided to make our own matching inspirational sign using wood letters - no hammer and nails needed!

We love having our pups around ... so much so that we actually have the option to bring our dogs to work here at the Tulip office! So of course we wanted to make sure we have some comfy dog beds on the ready when our doggies drop by. This tie-dye dog bed was so easy to DIY with our One-Step Tie Dye. Get the tutorial here!

A pretty rug is another great way to update the look of a room, but rugs can be super expensive. We found a simple jute rug and decided to give it a whole new look with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint in a cool geometric pattern. Tulip Soft Fabric Paint works on a variety of fabrics and is super opaque, so if jute isn't your style, you can still get creative on other types of rugs!

Since we wanted to add a bit of coziness to our space (cozy is ALWAYS a good idea in our book - and so is color!), we decided a throw pillow would be the perfect accent! We DIYed our own using Tulip ColorShot and Fabric Markers since we wanted to stay on budget and also have some fun quote art that pops.

Chairs can be expensive, so if you're on a budget, spray paint is a great alternative! We gave our craft room chairs a fun new look with bright ombre color on the legs from COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint. See how easy it was here.

Baskets are a fantastic way to keep things organized and they are much more stylish than file drawers or basic plastic bins. By now we think you've figured out that we LOVE color around here, so of course we wanted to add lots of it to our baskets! We went with a color blocking theme on rope baskets, but if rope baskets aren't your style, you could totally use Soft Paints on other types of baskets.

We've been going cuckoo for color around here, so our cuckoo clock was fair game too! Painting it all one bright color gave it a modern feel - and all it took was some COLORSHOT and just a little bit of time. Such a simple, afforable way to get a whole new look!

We had such a blast giving our craft room a colorful new makeover without having to spend much at all. And we hope after seeing ours you are feeling inspired to get started on your own space!

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April 12, 2019