Tropical Fish Bathroom Jar


When you think of a child’s bathroom, more often than not it’s a fish/ocean theme with bright colors and adorable sea creatures. The ocean is full vibrant life from the sea floor to the shallow waters. I’ve incorporated some of these colors with the adorable theme found in so many children’s bathrooms!



This is a great project for older kids. It does require a steady hand, so it’s good practice for them! Parents can make this for the younger set if they like. You can use a coloring page for your design, use my picture or draw one of your own.




You will need:


12 pack Neon Puffy Paint

Wide mouth quart jar with lid

Drawing or pattern




Place a towel or cloth on the work surface and lay the jar onto it. This will keep the jar from rolling around.




Insert your pattern inside the jar.




Use Neon Green to draw the plants.




Add coral and other things to the sea floor using Turquoise, Neon Pink, Purple and Neon Lime Green. Draw lines of Lime Green inside the Neon Green plants.




Use Neon Orange to draw the outline of the fish.




Use white to draw the stripes and the eye.




Fill in the fish with Neon Orange and use black to add the eye’s pupil.




Finish by adding waves using Turquoise.




Place your jar somewhere it will be undisturbed and let is dry for 6 hours or more, overnight is best.




You can fill your jar with whatever you like, such as cotton balls, cotton swabs, soap, bandages… you name it!


If you like tropical fish, you might want to try my Paper Plate Tropical Fish!


I hope you and the kids enjoy this project. Have fun!

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March 27, 2015