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Obviously we've been going cuckoo for color around here, so it's only fitting that our cuckoo clock get a makeover too! Since we've been brightening up our craft room with tons of vibrant shades, we opted for one solid bold color, which added a modern vibe to such a nostalgic item. It was super easy to accomplish with the COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint we've been using for other projects in our craft room makeover. (Clearly we're on a spray paint kick - it's such an easy, affordable way to give your stuff a whole new look without spending a fortune.)

What you need:

COLORSHOT Premium Spray Paint (we used: White Primer, Summer Pedicure and Marshmallow)

- Cuckoo clock (or clock of your choice)

- Disposable plastic surface cover

By now you probably know what we're going to say - sometimes choosing your color palette is the hardest part of any project! Maybe it's because it's almost summer, or maybe because it's the color of the year and it's so fresh and fun, but we opted for Summer Pedicure from COLORSHOT as our main cuckoo clock makeover color, with a special guest appearance from Marshmallow for the clock hands.

First remove the clock hands and set aside. Make sure you are working in a well-ventilated area and cover your work space with a disposable plastic table clover to protect from overspray. Spray the clock with a basecoat of White Primer and let dry. Then spray several light coats of Summer Pedicure, letting dry in between coats.

Spray paint the clock hands with Marshmallow (or your color of choice). Let dry completely (COLORSHOT dries to the touch in 10 minutes!) and reassemble your clock.

Isn't this clock so cute?! Now can anyone tell us how to adjust it to cuckoo on the hour instead of 17 minutes after?! 

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Published Date

April 10, 2019