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This weather has me wishing I can nap until the weekend, but until then I will just be day dreaming at my desk. This cute little canvas is giving me all the feels right now, it’s so cute and colorful for spring. It's easy to make with Tulip’s Permanent Fabric Markers.

What you need:

Tulip Multi Fine 20pk Permanent Fabric Markers
8x10 Canvas
X-acto Knife

Hand lettering can be challenging and honestly a little intimidating but it’s easy to get this look with a few simple tricks. I drew directly on to the cardstock with a pencil but you can print out your quote in whatever font you like and transfer it onto the cardstock.

Once the quote is on the cardstock, you can cut it out with an X-acto knife. When choosing a font its better if it’s more on the bold side because if the font is to thin it can be difficult to cut out. The reason I cut my quote out on cardstock is because it works very well as a stencil so I can reuse it more than once.

Next place the cut out quote over the canvas and use the fabric markers to color in the quote in your favorite colors. You can tape down the sides to ensure the cardstock stays in place while you are working.

 Once you are done remove the cardstock off the canvas to reveal the magic.

This would be so cute in your room, a locker, or to go above your desk.  It would be also super cute to give as a gift.

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April 14, 2017