Rainbow Frame and Potted Cactus


Picture of Rainbow Frame and Potted Cactus

A great way to give your home décor a new look, is by simply adding color! Tulip Dimensional Paint makes it easy to decorate your frames, pots and much more. 

What you need:

-Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint in Neon set

-Picture frame

-Small potted cactus


-Paper towels

1. Shake the paint well before using and do a couple of test squeezes onto a paper towel.

2. Use dimensional paint to create horizontal rows across the frame alternating colors, one side at a time.

3. Once the entire portion of the frame is covered, run a toothpick vertically down the rows to create a feather-like pattern.

4. Let each side dry before continuing to the next.

5. Repeat steps on the small potted cactus. Let dry.

Now you have a frame and matching potted cactus that is sure to catch anyone’s attention. This frame is great for showing off your favorite pictures. 

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Published Date

May 22, 2018