Picture of Dyed Wooden Christmas Ornaments

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Dyed Wooden Christmas Ornaments

Go au naturel this holiday season with your own custom-dyed Christmas ornaments. Wooden shapes in your favorite Tulip® One-Step Dye® shades make for a tree that’s naturally charming.



1. Put desired number of ornaments into plastic re-sealable bags, using different bags for each color desired.

2. Mix dyes according to package instructions.

3. Pour each dye into one of the bags and seal, pushing out excess air.

4. Allow ornaments to set overnight, or until desired color intensity is achieved.

5. Rinse ornaments under running water and hang to dry over a protected surface in case any drips occur.

6. Spray with sealer if desired.


  • Unfinished wooden ornaments
  • Resealable plastic bags

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