DIY Sock-Bun Donuts


Picture of DIY Sock-Bun Donuts

Getting the little ones ready in the morning can sometimes be a little bit of a hassle, especially when it’s time to do their hair. But what if they had cute accessories that they couldn’t resist? So cute they actually look a little yummy? That might make things a little easier right? Try sock donuts for sock buns! Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paints make it easy to have fun with getting ready.

What you need:

-Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint in Iridescent Colors

-Long sock


-Paper towel

-Painter’s Knife

1. With scissors cut tip of sock off.

2. Turn sock inside out and roll the sock into a donut.

3. Shake paint well before using and do a couple of practice squeezes onto a paper towel. 

4. Use the painter’s knife to smooth out paint on top of the sock donut.

5. Use desired paint colors to add sprinkles.

6. Let dry and enjoy.

Now that you have fun and cute accessories, the little ones will be begging for you to do their hair first thing in the morning. A sock donut accessory really dresses up a simple but functional look. The iridescent paints offer so many options to let you create a colorful baker’s dozen by playing around with different icing colors and sprinkles. 

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Published Date

May 10, 2018