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Neon Marble Paint Ornaments

We've been on a big neon ornament kick lately in our design studio!  We even are going to get a small white Christmas tree and hang them to add a pop to the room for the holidays!  This neon marble set definitely was a LOT of fun to make and all it took was some neon Tulip Soft Paint and clear ornaments to make them!  Here's how you can make your own fun and funky set!

Like I said before, you just need Tulip Soft Paint in neon colors and clear glass bulbs from the craft store.  If you bulbs are dirty, simply clean them off with rubbing alcohol or a baby wipe. You'll also want to grab some paper towels for this project and a plastic cup.

Next squeeze in a little paint inside the ornament. A little bit goes a long way as you'll see in the next step!

Plug the top of the hole with your finger and shake your ornament quickly back and forth.  The paint will disperse inside in a splatter effect.

Now add your second color and do the same shimmy & shake.

 You can stop at a second color or even add a couple more!  It's up to you.  I also like when the ornament leaves a little bit of the glass exposed and you can see through it!
When you finish coating the insides, you'll want to shake out the remaining paint into a cup.  It takes a while for the paint to dry inside the ornament, so it's best to get rid of as much as you can.  Otherwise, if your ornament is being handled -or- if it rolls upside down, it can pour out paint from the metal stem!
 Add back in the metal stem and display these puppies around the house for some added pop!  This version used four colors.  From personal experience, if you shake the green and orange together too much, it may turn into a brownish color.  That was just on one part of my ornament and not the whole thing.
 I think my two tone and three tone versions turned out nice cause they are similar colors and flow nicely together!  Experiment and play around with what color combo you like best!
The fun of these ornaments is that each one is it's own little experiment and cool result!
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Faux Pallet Sign Thanksgiving

I've been wanting to make Thanksgiving decorations for when people enter our house. Something to show happiness and love - but sans any turkeys or cornucopias. This was the perfect mix! It says "Con amor" which translates in Spanish as "with love." Here is how I made it - it looks really heavy, but it is so light because it was made with FloraCraft Foam, Aleene's Snow and scrapbook stickers!

Hot knife
Orange, yellow and red spray paint
Scrapbook stickers
Glittered letters
Glittered fruit
1. Use a ruler and pen to draw two lines on the foam all the way down. Next, use a hot knife to cut into pieces, then cut it to the width  you want.
2. Once your pieces are cut, you need to coat them with the Aleene's Snow. It's thick and creamy and will make the foam become a smooth, paintable surface.
3. I used an old gift card to apply the Snow all over the top and sides of each piece. Let dry for about an hour, then glue the three pieces together with the Tacky Glue. Once its dry, then spray with orange paint, accented with yellow and red around the edges.
4. Now it's time to apply the embellishments. My best tip is to arrange your layout before you glue. ALSO  - add Tacky Glue to the back of the stickers. The sticker adhesive is only strong enough for paper, not the texture of this surface. you don't want it all to come off during your party, right?
5. My favorite part is adding the stickers. Just have fun and add them in different directions and levels. You can also add in small objects to offset any areas that need balance. Add your main word in the center and add the bigger embellishments on top, using Tacky Glue.
6. To hang - add picture hangers on the back, or just prop it up wherever you want!
Thanks for checking out my project! Make sure to visit for more crafty ideas!

Glitter Swirls Ornament DIY

Hey everyone, I wanted to bring to you one of the easiest and classiest ornaments you can make on the fly...and you really only need 2 things...a clear ornament and a bottle of Tulip 3D Fabric Paint!  Hurray for easy holiday crafting, right?

What you need:
– Clear glass ornament (mine were jumbo-sized)
Tulip 3D Fabric Paint in Diamond
– Small cup or surface to let your ornament rest while drying.
This project is seriously the don't even have to take off the cap to make ornament magic happen!  Starting from the top of your ornament, squeeze a small spirals onto the ornament.  From that squeezed spiral, offshoot another spiral design, and another, and another.
A general rule of thumb for a great looking overall design is to have all the spirals going in the same direction.
Complete one side of your design like this and position it on top of a drinking cup or even your ornament container to dry.  This will generally take anywhere from 2-5 hours to dry, depending on the thickness of how much you squeezed out.  Once it is dry on this side, flip over and do the other side!  Easy peasy!
A couple tips:
– The bottles of glitter 3D paint (a.k.a. Puffy Paint) comes out milky white, but dries clear and sparkly.  So don't be confused if it doesn't come out sparkly when you start squeezing!

– You can actually drag the tip of the bottle write on the surface if you want.  This may be a better solution for those folks who have not used 3D paint before.  It still turns out looking great and you can correct any mini mistakes you might make along the way.
– Keep a wet wipe or paper towel on hand to clean up any small mistakes you may make.  And if you end up not liking your design at all, you can just wipe it off and clean off your ornament.  If you aren't keen on the dried design, you can also just peel it off and start anew!
Feel free to fill the inside of your ornament with feathers, paint, or glitter, like we did in this tutorial!
Happy holiday ornament-making crafty friends!

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Neon Swirl Glitter Ornaments

Neon is everywhere you look these days, so I thought, "Why not ornaments too?"  Everyone who I've showed these ornaments too fall in love with them!  They are just so bright and funky.  Here's how you can make your own set to share with your friends and family!

What you need:
–Round glass ornaments (clear)
– Paper Towels
 Squeeze a little bit of Collage Pauge in your ornament and add a teaspoon of water inside.  Move it around to coat the inside of the ornament.
Pour out the contents of ornament totally out and shake. Clean off the outside of the ornament if you need to!
Pour the neon color of your choice into the bottom of the ornament.
Move the color around just on the bottom third of the ornament.
 Now add in another color and move it around the middle of the ornament.
As you can see, the color doesn't take over the blue glitter portion, it just blends into it.  Repeat the process for your final color and put your cap back on!

These ornaments turned out so fun and will get oohs and ahhs from your friends, because there's not a lot of neon ornaments out there right now.

Add them to some simple giftwrap or butcher paper for a fun accent.  You can also make a whole bunch and display them in a bowl!

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Glitter Swirl Glass Ornaments DIY

The holidays are upon us and what is more fun than getting cozy and crafting up a storm?  These glitter swirl ornaments are the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your home this season and they are super easy to make! We were inspired by these neon puffy paint ornaments that Margot Potter made last week! You can make bunches of them in an afternoon!  Here's how you can make your own in minutes!

What you need:
– Clear glass ornaments 
– Wooden skewers
– foam or container to hold skewers
Before you begin:  Mount your skewers in a sturdy piece of foam or a bottle so that you can easily work on your ornaments without them falling over.  We used a foam head mounted taped to a table for our base to hold the skewers in place.
Apply the tip of the glitter directly to the ornament surface and squeeze. Swirl the paint around in a spiral shape starting from the top of the ornament and go down the sides.
Continue down the side of the ornament, all the way to the base. Don't cover the little opening where the cap goes.Now simply let the ornaments dry on the sticks!  Do not touch (though you will probably be tempted).
The gold one turned out to be my favorite.
 And they turned out so pretty and fun!
 Super easy and they look like spun glitter!

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Youre a Star Sweatshirt DIY

 I have seen Star shirts and sweatshirts everywhere and
 I just love them so I decided to make one for  myself of course
I had to add a little bit of sparkle to it.

 Things you need.
Optional(sequin trim and Tulips Bead in a Bottle)

 Cut your collar off to make your sweatshirt
the off the shoulder look and cut the sleeves the length you want.
 Place your stencil where you want your stars to be
 and paint with your silver paint.
 I then sponged on a layer of glue and covered it with glitter.
Let that sit for about 5-10 minutes and then move to your next star.
Let all of that dry about 4-6 hours.
Once that is dry shake off the excess glitter and 
then put on another layer of glue on top of the star to seal the glitter in.

Now you could trim the collar with some fun sequin trim
to dress it up  just hand sew it on, that might take you about an hour.
or if you hate to sew you could make a decorative collar out of
 Tulips bead in a bottle.
be creative.
Then have fun wearing it out with a pair of cute jeans and some black pumps.
Have a wonderful week.

Lots of love,

Happy Face Neon Glitter Ornaments DIY

As I've been perusing the craft and department stores this holiday season, I've been noticing a lot of brighter color ornaments.  A lot of them in shades of bright neon! Neon has been a part of my life since 1991 (no joke...I had a bright orange button-up made by my mom). Anyway, I wanted to add a fusion of neon to my holiday ornaments this year and I knew I had to use Tulip Fashion Glitters and 3D Paint a.k.a. Puffy Paint.  Here's how you can make your own Happy Face ornaments of your own!

What you need:
–Round glass ornaments (clear)
– Paper Towels
 Squeeze a little bit of Collage Pauge into your ornament and add about a teaspoon of tap water to it.  Swish it around to cover the inside of the entire ornament.
Pour out the contents of the ornament into a sink or cup. Wipe off the ornament with a paper towel if any gets on the outside.
Now pour a teaspoon or two of the the Tulip Fashion Glitter into the ornament.
Swirl the glitter around inside the ornament, covering the entire inside of the ornament.

Your ornament will look like this when it is completely covered on the inside.
Add your stem back in and create more.  You can just leave these plain and bright neon if you prefer -or- you can add a fun design like I did here...
Use you Tulip 3D Fabric Paint to draw a smiley face o the front of the ornament. Let dry.
Now you have an adorable set of ornaments that will POP off your tree or dazzle in a bowl for holiday decorating!
How cute would these be on a bright white tree?  I think they'd look pretty darn smashing myself.
And whenever you see them, you will get a smile on your face too! Have a nice holi"DAY"!

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DIY Rhinestone Bungee Bracelets

Create fun and sparkly bracelets using bungee cords as the base with this Rhinestone Bungee Bracelet DIY tutorial. These bungee cords from Tulip have smooth ends that won’t scrape you and are surprisingly perfect for bracelets.

Rhinestone cord
Embroidery floss
Thin needle (a beading needle works great!)
step 1
Measure out your rhinestone cord to be a little shorter than your bungee cord.
step 2
Glue the end of your embroidery floss to your bungee cord with your fabric glue.
Give yourself some space from the end of the bungee.
Wrap your embroidery floss around your bungee cord a few times.
step 3
Lay your rhinestone cord on top of your bungee cord and wrap your embroidery floss around your bungee cord and your rhinestone cord together.
For this single bungee cord bracelet I wrapped my embroidery floss twice in between rhinestones.
Do this all the way to the end of your bungee cord.
step 4
When you are finished wrapping, cut your embroidery floss leaving a few inches to work with.
Using your needle, run the end of your embroidery floss through your wrapping to secure.
You can add a drop of fabric glue to this end to help hold it.
step 5
To make a bracelet using 2 bungee cords, work exactly as you did for the single one, starting with glueing the end and wrapping the 2 bungee cords together.
step 6
Add your rhinestone cord and wrap your embroidery floss around both bungee cords and your rhinestone cord, wrapping 3 times in between rhinestones.
step 7
When you’re finished wrapping, run your thread through your wrapping to secure.
All finished!
One of the things I liked best about using bungee cords for these bracelets is how easy they are to put on and take off. 
With the bracelets coming in a pack of 5, you can easily make a few bracelets to stack or give as gifts! With the holidays right around the corner these bracelets would make the perfect stocking stuffer or gift for a friend.
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Thankful Thanksgiving Shadowbox

I love me a seasonal picture frame. Have I said that before? Anyway I also love me scrapbooking. Man I sound old. Anyway, all that being said Thanksgiving picture frames are far and few between so I grabbed a stack of scrapbooking paper and took matters into my own hands.

Various types of Aleene's Tacky Glue
Scrapbook paper
Small figurine
First I went through my stash of scrapping supplies and pulled out some things in fall colors. In the end I decided to use the Persimmon collection from Basic Grey.
How you place your pictures and paper is totally up to you. I used various Tacky Glue products like dots, glue sticks and plain old fashioned glue.
The fun part about shadow boxes is giving your projects dimension. I decided to bust out the Beads in the Bottle for a little gold glitter embellishment action.
I used my Beads in a Bottle to embellish my pilgrims's hats, the insides of flowers and even the washi tape like trim on the outside of the shadowbox.
Did I mention that my daughter Tallulah is my crafty co-pilot on most projects. She requested her own shadow box so I cut up a cereal box. She then accosted my pilgrim's girlfriend.
Ta-da! I love the way my shadowbox turned out. These are my favorite fall pictures of the kids. My mantle is now complete.
Tallulah's shadowbox came out equally fabulous. If not more so.

Duck Dynasty Ceramic Holiday Ornaments

There isn't a day around here in our crafty headquarters, that we don't hear someone talking about the A&E show Duck Dynasty!  It cracks us up (or should we say, "quacks" us up).  We knew we had to make a set of holiday ornaments of our favorite characters using our Duncan glazes and bisque to celebrate the season.  And boy, are they the talk of the design studio!  Suzie Shinseki, our ceramic artist totally knocked them out of the may know her from Grumpy Cat shorts fame!  See below how she made them, plus some more awesome close ups!  We plan on sending these gems to the Duck Commander headquarters in Louisiana, hopefully so they can duck the Robertson family halls in time for the holidays.

 Here's how the ornaments started out.  Suzie started by sketching the faces in pencil on our round Duncan Bisque ornament.

Suzie painted in the face and did the highlights and shading using Duncan E-Z Stroke glazes. As you can see, Suzie's painting skills are amazing!  Their expressions and features are so spot on.

This is what the finished painted design looked like before the kiln.  As you can tell it is lighter and more muted colors before it goes in the kiln than after it comes out!
 Here's the Santa and elves ready in the kiln to be fired!  Suzie put each on a ceramic stilt to hold them in place during firing.  Then she closed the kiln and set for it to fire to a Cone 06.
And here's how the finished ornaments turned out!  So glossy and shiny! They make us Happay Happay Happay! How about you?

Here's a closeup of all of them...we couldn't resist adding a fun quote from Uncle Si!
Suzie even got Uncle Si's crazy eye expression!  Love it!
And here's Suzie Shinseki, our very talented ceramic artist with her finished creations!  She blows us all away with her talent and artistry.
We are going to get these in the mail next week to send to the Robertson's to enjoy for the holidays!  Not sure if we will get a response, but we think they'll be just as smitten with them as we are!!!

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