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DIY Shoes Peppermint Flats

I can't resist painting on shoes - especially when I find awesome blank canvases on clearance at the store. I came across a pair of boring black flats for under $5. I could buy them and leave them black suede and go on with normal life OR have my way with them. Which do you think I chose?

Here are the shoes! All you need to make this is red and white Tulip Soft Fabric Paint, a brush and a steady hand. NOTE: Be sure to tape off the heel and side areas. 
What I love about the Soft Paint is that it gives thick, even coverage and will cover a surface as dense as black suede! I first painted the shoes with a white base coat, then two layers of red.
Next I looked at a picture of candy canes and peppermints to get the stripe pattern. Then I just started painting. If you want super perfect lines, you can draw the lines with a ruler, and use tape for a guide. I just went for it though!
You may have to go over the white a few times to make them super bright. 
Here is the finished look.  I added black paint around the edges to give them polished look. They are soooo cute, I love them because they look great with jeans and fit so well with the season!
Thanks for checking out my project! 

December Daily Smashbook


December Daily time is upon us. Are you playing along? Given, I did not know what December Daily was until this year but now that I do I'm in. All in. So much in that I can't even close my Smashbook. Today I'm sharing a sneak peek into my December Daily journal right here on the I Love to Create blog, on my own blog Naughty Secretary Club and over on BlogHer where I wrote a post about adding vintage Christmas cards to your December Daily journal.

Over on BlogHer I talked about using vintage Christmas cards. I love the added dimension cards give my journal, not to mention extra pages for pictures. I don't always use vintage cards, sometimes I make my own from card stock.

Speaking of dimension, there are oodles of way you can add it in to your scrapbook layouts. Puffy letter stickers like Thickers are a great way to add the date or location. Chipboard adds nice texture and goes on great with Tacky Dot. Trims, ribbons and ball fringe calls for a heavier glue like Tacky Glue.

There is no right or wrong way to do December Daily. I think typically people do a book for each year. Since this is my first attempt at December Daily I went ahead and included the last 40(ish) years. When I go back and journal I will add in all the exact dates and such.

I know what I am asking Santa for, a stocking full of various acid free Tacky Glues for my Smashbook.

DIY Retro Christmas Tree Skirt

 We found this plain white mini Christmas tree skirt in the dollar bin at Target.  Score!  Avalon has a tinsel tree in her room and it needed something to dress up the not so pretty stand.  We put our heads together on a design featuring Tulip Shimmer Sheets and some sparkling trim.  Four steps later, we had an adorable sparkling tree skirt. (retro)fabulous!

You will need:
Undecorated mini-tree skirt
Tulip Fashion Glitter Shimmer Transfer Sheets in Hot Pink and Gold
Bling on a Roll
6 large plastic faceted gems
Parchment Paper or Fabric 
It's just four simple steps!  One: Cut trees.  We used three pink and three gold.  Two:  Use parchment paper or cotton fabric to protect the transfers while ironing.  Set iron to the appropriate setting for the fabric on the skirt, ours was acrylic.  Iron the transfer on to the fabric moving the iron in a circular motion, check to be sure it's on there completely, if not iron again. Three: Glue trims on tree applying a thin bead of Tacky Glue on back of trim with a toothpick.  Four: Use toothpick to lay a thin bead of glue around bottom center of skirt and press trim in place.  Allow glue to dry and you're ready to roll!
 How would you decorate your mini-tree skirt? We'd love to know! Tell us in the comments.  But don't stop there, come join the crafty conversation on the iLoveToCreate Facebook Page.
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Glitter Polka Dot Sweatshirt

I have seen glitter polka dots everywhere and I thought a glitter polka dot sweatshirt would make a great party top for the holidays. Tulip makes it so simple by using their glitter, iron on paper. 
I made this shirt in under and hour. 
Need a cute shirt for tonight?
This is the perfect project for you.

 Things you need.
Tulip glitter Iron on Transfer sheet
Circle hole punch
Parchment paper
Cut off your collar
 Cut off your sleeves
Pick out the color paper you want, I wanted gold.
 punch your dots,
I punched about 20 dots.
Place some aluminum foil in between your sweatshirt.
 Lay out your dots in a pattern you like. 
*Make sure you place the dots glitter, rough side up, dull side down.
 Lay a piece of parchment paper over your dots.
 Place your iron on a no steam setting.
Iron over each of your dots about 30 to 40 seconds for each dot.
Make sure all of your dots have set. If they have not set,
repeat the iron on process again.
 That is it. So simple!
 I love my new sweatshirt.
I hope all your Holiday dreams come true.
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 Lot's of <3.

Festive DIY Holiday Boxers


HO, HO, HO craftionistas! If you haven’t already, it’s time to get festive! Create some fun and fabulous Holiday Boxer Shorts using the Tulip Holiday Fashion Art Kit. With everything you need to tie dye, add sparkle and embellish some whimsical boxer shorts to give as gifts or to wear yourself as festive sleep shorts. 

Boxer shorts (100% cotton)


Inside the Tulip Holiday Fashion Art Kit:
step 1
Using the rubber bands inside your Tulip Holiday Fashion Art Kit, tie your boxer shorts where you want your pattern to be.
For one pair I tied them in an accordion pattern, this should make horizontal stripes across the shorts.
For the second pair I tied them in a couple places to make a circular or bullseye pattern.
step 2
I laid a baking rack across my sink, you can put it inside your sink or tub, whatever works for you. You just want to keep your fabric from sitting in the dye.
step 3
Fill your dye bottle up to the line with water and shake well, mixing all the dye.
step 4
Squirt your dye onto your fabric in between the rubber bands.
Don’t over saturate your fabric or you will loose your pattern.
When you are done, wrap your fabric in plastic and let them sit for 6-8 hours or overnight. The longer you let it sit the stronger your color will be.
step 5
Rinse your fabric and and wash and dry them according to your fabrics instructions.
step 6
Using the fabric spray paint you can spray your shorts to give them a glittery effect. It's hard to see in the photos, but I added the silver fabric spray paint to all 3 pairs of shorts to give them a "holiday sparkle".
step 7
You can also use the dimensional glitter paints to write holiday messages or designs.
Let your dimensional paint dry before trying to paint the other side.
step 8
If you don’t want to use the tie dye, you can use the glitter spray paint and add sparkle all over the shorts or just in places where you want it.
Have fun with these, you can make them as festive as you want using all the paints and dyes or keep them simple with just a bit of color and some sparkle. It’s up to you.
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Sweatshirt Hack Sparkle Sleeves

Tis the season of sweatshirts. They are warm and comfy, but lordy, they look so frumpy. I love that I've seen other chicas take a pair of scissors to them to alter them in a more fashionable way. I wanted to get in on the fun, but I needed to find a way to make my design appear appealing for my plus-size bod. Here's what I came up with!


This is what I started with. I never know where a project will go once I start, I often end up adding in more supplies, as you'll see in a bit.


1. Cut your sweatshirt! I cut the neckline, the sleeves and I cut that gawd-awful band off of the bottom.

2. Use painter's tape to keep a guideline for your sparkles. I used the Crystal Adhesive in dots to apply the crystals. You can also use the Tulip Cordless Heat Setting Tool if you want! Fill in with crystals.


3. OK, this is where I took a little turn. I wanted MORE volume, but not too much more sparkle. I called in my little friends...


4. I used Tulip Beads in a Bottle to fill in!
5. I filled in the areas on both sides of the arms and let them dry over night.
I LOVED hacking this sweatshirt, and I have to give a shout out to my friend, Monique from for giving me the idea! 


Bedazzled Puff Paint Ornaments

Wahoo! It's that fun time of year where we decorate ornaments, bake yummy goodies and shop our brains away. But, if you are like me then you just bake and decorate because I am all about homemade things. The only time I buy something is if I truly can't "make" it! How funny is that. I wanted to show you today how to bedazzle some ornaments and add a tad bit of color to them. They almost look soft and delicate with a twist of FUN! 

Let's go make some Bedazzled Puff Paint Christmas Ornaments! 

What you'll need:
* Tulip Puff Paint
*Aleene's Jewelry and Metal Glue
*Glue Glun
*Christmas Ornaments, Clear
*Clear Jewels 



The first thing you will do is clean off your ornament, I used windex. 
 Start by glueing your jewels on the ornament. I put a small dot of glue then gently placed the jewel down. 
Let them dry completely before moving on to the next step. 
 When you are done grab your puff paint bottle and lightly squeeze some paint around each jewel. I wanted each ball to have one color but you could add layers of rings around each color if you want. 







I hope you enjoyed this fun tutorial! See you in the next post!
 Huge glittery hugs, JADE
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Glittered Glam Christmas Trees

I think I love Christmas for one very distinct reason... It is totally acceptable to have everything in your home covered with glitter. In fact, it's highly encouraged! So I decided to bling out a pair of paper mache cones I had in my craft stash!

For this project you will need :
paper mache cones
Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue (any tacky will do, but this dries super fast!)
Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer (optional but recommended)
Since we're working with glitter and decoupage, and I doubt you want glitter in all of it, pour some into a little container to work from. Add to it as needed while the project progresses.
And in case you were wondering, you can use matte, glossy or whatever you have on hand.
Brush on some of your decoupage. and then glitter over it. Work in small sections as the decoupage will dry more quickly than you can cover the entire cone.
Take a minute to look for any areas you may have missed with the glitter. Apply a small amount of decoupage and re-glitter. Allow to fully dry, then spray with your acrylic sealer to help prevent too much of your glitter from falling off.
As far as embellishments go, you have tons and tons of options. I like to purchase earrings at one of those only a dollar jewelry stores to add to my stash for quick-y, bling-y embellishments so I had a bunch of those on hand. Plus I pulled some unworn and inexpensive costume jewelry from my jewelry box. Then I also grabbed some unused rhinestone chain and beads out of my craft stash! Talk about making use of unused crafty things!
Now, if using earrings, use a pair of pliers to pry the clip on or stud out to ensure a nice, smooth fit like you see in the image above.
Use your glue to tacky glue to attach your jewels...
and chains and beads.
Looks good, but I think this fella' needs a friend!
I made one in gold and one in silver for nice contrast on my shelf! 
On the gold one I used some glitter left over from when my nephews were here because it is what I had that was gold. It's bigger and chunkier. On the silver, I used Tulip Fashion Glitter and I have to say, I prefer the results significantly.
Because I used this project as a stash buster, this only cost me about $5 for the paper mache cones but they look so much more expensive than that, don't they!?
Thanks so much for checking out my latest iLoveToCreate crafty tutorial and I hope you have a happy holidays and a fantastic December!
If you're down for a whole lot more Christmas crafts, I hope you'll check out my blog Dream a Little Bigger. Thanks so much for reading!

Paper Christmas Tree

Decorating for Christmas is so fun, but it can also get a little pricey.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on things that will only be up for a month, so I made this paper Christmas tree for almost nothing.
To make this you'll need:
I had some thick brown paper that was on the inside of the wrapping paper roll I had purchased.  I rolled it into a cone and taped it.
 Then I trimmed off the bottom so it would be even and sit on the table correctly.
 Next I cut a whole lot of scallops out of my paper.
 I applied the Aleene's tacky line rolls to the paper and removed the plastic backing.
 I stuck it to the cone.  Now, because the papers were straight and the cone is rounded the top of the paper will be wrinkled when attached to the cone level.  It's not a big deal because you'll cover that up with more paper.
 I continued up the tree until it was finished.  (Tip: As the cone gets smaller it's helpful to use smaller strips of paper to keep them level.)
Make it in any color scheme you like or in any size and you have a fun decoration for almost nothing.

Wood Collage Jewelry

This first week of December is always crazy - lots of festivals, online orders and gifts to make for friends. Instead of spending a lot of money on new supplies, I combed through my stash to find what I had a lot of. I came across a plastic bin full of little wood pieces. I immediately thought of painting, glueing and glittering them into necklaces and bracelets. I love how they turned out! Here's is my tutorial so you can do it too, they make great little gifts to pass out to friends and family!

Assorted small wood pieces

Paint all the wood pieces, let dry.

Use the Tacky Glue to glue together the pieces. Mix and match contrasting colors!

They looked pretty boring to me, so I amped it up by coating them with Paper Glaze and glitter!

Now it's time to drill holes so you can add jewelry chin and closures.

I used cactus because I live in Arizona - it's appropriate!

I also glued the pieces to leather cuffs!

Here are my finished pieces, I'm so excited to to share and even sell these! They're so colorful and helped me clean my stash in my supply cabinet!