Lauri Eaton


Lauri Eaton officially joined the iLoveToCreate design team in October 2012, however, she worked as a freelance artist for iLoveToCreate for three years prior to being hired. She graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (Los Angeles) in 2011 with an emphasis in jewelry design. Heavily influenced by the Impressionistic and Pop Art movements, Lauri said she loves using the company’s products to create projects that fuse these artistic genres with high fashion and current trends, and making them accessible to the DIY creative community. Lauri is currently the star of the iLoveToCreate video series, “DIY Never Dies,” where she gives viewers easy-to-follow tutorials on tie-dye techniques and trendy fashion art projects. Of all of her projects, she said is most proud of her tie-dye work and avant-garde tradeshow creations.