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All Wrapped Up Bangle Bracelets

Wrap up your look with colorful bangle bracelets made with ribbon you already have in your craft kit! Aleene’s® Fabric Fusion® makes it easy and permanent and also works with other embellishments like buttons and trims for a truly one-of-a-kind accessory.



Ribbon and Trim Bangles

1. Cut fabric lengthwise into 1” strips.

2. Apply strips of Peel & Stick Tape to backside of fabric strips. Peel off backing of first strip, press onto inside of bracelet, and begin wrapping around bracelet, overlapping wraps slightly and removing backing from Peel & Stick Tape as you go. Continue until bracelet is covered.

3. End fabric strip wraps on the inside of bracelet, trim fabric and secure with Peel & Stick Tape.

4. Use small pieces of Peel & Stick Tape to apply trims and decorations as desired.

Ribbon and Button Bangles

1. Place a small dot of Fabric Fusion on one end of ribbon. Begin wrapping bracelet with ribbon, slightly overlapping ribbon. Apply a thin line of Fabric Fusion to ribbon as you go.

2. When bracelet is completely covered, trim ribbon end and glue to inside of bangle. Let dry.

3. Use Fabric Fusion to add assorted buttons and trim. Let dry.


  • Assorted fabrics
  • Wooden bangle bracelet(s)
  • Buttons
  • Assorted ribbons and trims

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