Paper Christmas Tree

Decorating for Christmas is so fun, but it can also get a little pricey.  I don't like to spend a lot of money on things that will only be up for a month, so I made this paper Christmas tree for almost nothing.
To make this you'll need:
I had some thick brown paper that was on the inside of the wrapping paper roll I had purchased.  I rolled it into a cone and taped it.
 Then I trimmed off the bottom so it would be even and sit on the table correctly.
 Next I cut a whole lot of scallops out of my paper.
 I applied the Aleene's tacky line rolls to the paper and removed the plastic backing.
 I stuck it to the cone.  Now, because the papers were straight and the cone is rounded the top of the paper will be wrinkled when attached to the cone level.  It's not a big deal because you'll cover that up with more paper.
 I continued up the tree until it was finished.  (Tip: As the cone gets smaller it's helpful to use smaller strips of paper to keep them level.)
Make it in any color scheme you like or in any size and you have a fun decoration for almost nothing.

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January 15, 2015