Neon Marble Paint Ornaments

We've been on a big neon ornament kick lately in our design studio!  We even are going to get a small white Christmas tree and hang them to add a pop to the room for the holidays!  This neon marble set definitely was a LOT of fun to make and all it took was some neon Tulip Soft Paint and clear ornaments to make them!  Here's how you can make your own fun and funky set!

Like I said before, you just need Tulip Soft Paint in neon colors and clear glass bulbs from the craft store.  If you bulbs are dirty, simply clean them off with rubbing alcohol or a baby wipe. You'll also want to grab some paper towels for this project and a plastic cup.

Next squeeze in a little paint inside the ornament. A little bit goes a long way as you'll see in the next step!

Plug the top of the hole with your finger and shake your ornament quickly back and forth.  The paint will disperse inside in a splatter effect.

Now add your second color and do the same shimmy & shake.

 You can stop at a second color or even add a couple more!  It's up to you.  I also like when the ornament leaves a little bit of the glass exposed and you can see through it!
When you finish coating the insides, you'll want to shake out the remaining paint into a cup.  It takes a while for the paint to dry inside the ornament, so it's best to get rid of as much as you can.  Otherwise, if your ornament is being handled -or- if it rolls upside down, it can pour out paint from the metal stem!
 Add back in the metal stem and display these puppies around the house for some added pop!  This version used four colors.  From personal experience, if you shake the green and orange together too much, it may turn into a brownish color.  That was just on one part of my ornament and not the whole thing.
 I think my two tone and three tone versions turned out nice cause they are similar colors and flow nicely together!  Experiment and play around with what color combo you like best!
The fun of these ornaments is that each one is it's own little experiment and cool result!
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January 15, 2015