Happy Face Neon Glitter Ornaments DIY

As I've been perusing the craft and department stores this holiday season, I've been noticing a lot of brighter color ornaments.  A lot of them in shades of bright neon! Neon has been a part of my life since 1991 (no joke...I had a bright orange button-up made by my mom). Anyway, I wanted to add a fusion of neon to my holiday ornaments this year and I knew I had to use Tulip Fashion Glitters and 3D Paint a.k.a. Puffy Paint.  Here's how you can make your own Happy Face ornaments of your own!

What you need:
–Round glass ornaments (clear)
– Paper Towels
 Squeeze a little bit of Collage Pauge into your ornament and add about a teaspoon of tap water to it.  Swish it around to cover the inside of the entire ornament.
Pour out the contents of the ornament into a sink or cup. Wipe off the ornament with a paper towel if any gets on the outside.
Now pour a teaspoon or two of the the Tulip Fashion Glitter into the ornament.
Swirl the glitter around inside the ornament, covering the entire inside of the ornament.

Your ornament will look like this when it is completely covered on the inside.
Add your stem back in and create more.  You can just leave these plain and bright neon if you prefer -or- you can add a fun design like I did here...
Use you Tulip 3D Fabric Paint to draw a smiley face o the front of the ornament. Let dry.
Now you have an adorable set of ornaments that will POP off your tree or dazzle in a bowl for holiday decorating!
How cute would these be on a bright white tree?  I think they'd look pretty darn smashing myself.
And whenever you see them, you will get a smile on your face too! Have a nice holi"DAY"!

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January 15, 2015