Glittered Glam Christmas Trees

I think I love Christmas for one very distinct reason... It is totally acceptable to have everything in your home covered with glitter. In fact, it's highly encouraged! So I decided to bling out a pair of paper mache cones I had in my craft stash!

For this project you will need :
paper mache cones
Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue (any tacky will do, but this dries super fast!)
Aleene's Spray Acrylic Sealer (optional but recommended)
Since we're working with glitter and decoupage, and I doubt you want glitter in all of it, pour some into a little container to work from. Add to it as needed while the project progresses.
And in case you were wondering, you can use matte, glossy or whatever you have on hand.
Brush on some of your decoupage. and then glitter over it. Work in small sections as the decoupage will dry more quickly than you can cover the entire cone.
Take a minute to look for any areas you may have missed with the glitter. Apply a small amount of decoupage and re-glitter. Allow to fully dry, then spray with your acrylic sealer to help prevent too much of your glitter from falling off.
As far as embellishments go, you have tons and tons of options. I like to purchase earrings at one of those only a dollar jewelry stores to add to my stash for quick-y, bling-y embellishments so I had a bunch of those on hand. Plus I pulled some unworn and inexpensive costume jewelry from my jewelry box. Then I also grabbed some unused rhinestone chain and beads out of my craft stash! Talk about making use of unused crafty things!
Now, if using earrings, use a pair of pliers to pry the clip on or stud out to ensure a nice, smooth fit like you see in the image above.
Use your glue to tacky glue to attach your jewels...
and chains and beads.
Looks good, but I think this fella' needs a friend!
I made one in gold and one in silver for nice contrast on my shelf! 
On the gold one I used some glitter left over from when my nephews were here because it is what I had that was gold. It's bigger and chunkier. On the silver, I used Tulip Fashion Glitter and I have to say, I prefer the results significantly.
Because I used this project as a stash buster, this only cost me about $5 for the paper mache cones but they look so much more expensive than that, don't they!?
Thanks so much for checking out my latest iLoveToCreate crafty tutorial and I hope you have a happy holidays and a fantastic December!
If you're down for a whole lot more Christmas crafts, I hope you'll check out my blog Dream a Little Bigger. Thanks so much for reading!

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