Glitter Swirl Glass Ornaments DIY

The holidays are upon us and what is more fun than getting cozy and crafting up a storm?  These glitter swirl ornaments are the perfect way to add a little sparkle to your home this season and they are super easy to make! We were inspired by these neon puffy paint ornaments that Margot Potter made last week! You can make bunches of them in an afternoon!  Here's how you can make your own in minutes!

What you need:
– Clear glass ornaments 
– Wooden skewers
– foam or container to hold skewers
Before you begin:  Mount your skewers in a sturdy piece of foam or a bottle so that you can easily work on your ornaments without them falling over.  We used a foam head mounted taped to a table for our base to hold the skewers in place.
Apply the tip of the glitter directly to the ornament surface and squeeze. Swirl the paint around in a spiral shape starting from the top of the ornament and go down the sides.
Continue down the side of the ornament, all the way to the base. Don't cover the little opening where the cap goes.Now simply let the ornaments dry on the sticks!  Do not touch (though you will probably be tempted).
The gold one turned out to be my favorite.
 And they turned out so pretty and fun!
 Super easy and they look like spun glitter!

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January 15, 2015