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Valentine's Day ... you either love it or hate it ... but hopefully you love it since you're reading this post! Since we have a heart for it here at Tulip, we pulled together 5 Valentine's Day decor ideas using Tulip color products that'll add a little extra love to your space whether you're single and fabulous or happily attached. Read on to get inspired!

If you're a fan of conversation heart candy, then this heart banner is totally your jam! Made with colorful felt hearts and Dimensional Paint, this project is perfect for all ages and fun for decorating classrooms, offices or a special spot at home. Party optional, but we think yes on that.

Henna designs are so beautiful - why keep them just on skin? This henna-inspired jar was created using a Valentine's Day color palette and Tulip Dimensional Paint in whimsical, fun heart designs. Display it as decor or fill it with candy or a special beverage to give as a gift to your friends or a special someone this Valentine's Day. 

Sweeten up your bed space with simple You & Me Pillows that you can actually cozy up to. Tulip Soft Fabric Paint dries soft and flexible - and won't crack or peel after washing - so these are pillows you can keep snoozing on long after Valentine's Day has passed. Choose a color to match your bedroom theme and brush on - it's that easy! As a bonus, create an additional accent pillow with Iron-On Shimmer Transfer Sheets.

Speaking of pillows ... how cute are these J'adore Bisous throw pillows?! If you don't want to go the extra mile to hand making them from start to finish, you could totally buy some from the store in your favorite colors and paint over the top of them with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint (it works on dark fabrics too). If you want to make the project super simple but just as cute, you can also use Tulip Fabric Markers on lighter-colored fabric pillows. Get creative and have fun with it!

If hearts and all of this lovey dovey stuff is a little too much for you, you can definitely be festive but with a more artistic, minimalist approach like these coordinating burlap canvases. Easy to make, just swoop up a few at your local craft store, tack on a feather and decorate with Tulip Soft Fabric Paint and Glitter. So simple and still so cute!

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