3 Ways to Use Tulip Graffiti Fabric Markers


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If you're craving a little more color these days - whether at home or on your clothing and accessories - you've come to the right place! Adding pops of color is easier and way more affordable than you think with Tulip® Graffiti Fabric Markers. Abbe Drake of Make Me Crafty shows you three fun ways you can use Graffiti Markers to infuse a little more color into your life!

What you need:

Tulip® Graffiti Fabric Markers

- Canvas tote bag

- Canvas notebook

- Cotton fabric

Graffiti Tote Bag

What do errands around town, shopping at the farmer's market and going to the beach have in common? Tote bags! A tote bag is an essential part of most of our days, whether at work or at play. Personalize yours with bright colors and your favorite out-of-this-world design to make your day even more vibrant.

Monogram Marker Notebook

Give your notebook or journal a pretty little makeover with your monogram and a rainbow of color! Use adhesive label paper to create your letter, place on your notebook and color around it with lots of swirls; so simple and so fab!

Cityscape Tapestry

Looking for an easy way to give your walls some artistic flair? A DIY tapestry is the perfect project! Cut a piece of fabric to the size of your space, then use Graffiti Markers to create a cool cityscape or design of your choice. How cool is that?!

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Published Date

June 29, 2018